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Explore our wide array of innovative services and products, with a focus on reshaping the health insurance sector in Ethiopia. Our core goal is to offer user-friendly, technology-driven healthcare and insurance solutions to a diverse audience.

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Blockchain-Backed Health Insurance

Our core service is a health insurance platform that utilizes blockchain technology for transparency, security, and efficiency in managing insurance processes

Community-Based Iddir Insurance

We enable community members to create Iddir groups, set contributions, and receive calculated insurance benefits

Tech-Enabled Healthcare Network

We've built an integrated healthcare network that connects users to healthcare providers, clinics, laboratories, and pharmacies


Users have access to telemedicine services, allowing them to receive remote healthcare consultations and support, particularly valuable in regions with limited healthcare infrastructure

One-Card Patient Records System

A single, secure card system for patient records streamlines healthcare processes, enhances data security, and ensures continuity of care

Customized Premium Options

We offer a variety of premium options to cater to different income levels, making healthcare and insurance accessible to low-income individuals as well as those with higher incomes

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Empowering Health for Employers and Employees

Hulu Cares empowers both employers and employees by providing seamless access to quality healthcare. With our comprehensive health insurance solutions, employers can ensure their team's well-being while employees enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their health is a top priority. It's a win-win for everyone!


Revolutionizing healthcare accessibility in Ethiopia through affordable insurance solutions


Striving for a healthier and more prosperous Ethiopia, one insured life at a time.

Tradition Meets Technology: Our Unique Approach to Healthcare

At Hulu Cares, our uniqueness lies in the perfect blend of tradition and technology. We honor the rich cultural heritage of Iddir-based insurance while harnessing cutting-edge technology to revolutionize healthcare accessibility.

This fusion sets us apart, ensuring affordability, transparency, and a profound sense of community. Trust us to redefine your healthcare experience.

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